Funny Meme Mittens Bernie Sanders Mittens Mug

Funny Meme Mittens Bernie Sanders Mittens Mug

Show your inner rebel with this anti-government mug. If you want to start a fight about politics, keep the rhetoric mild so that you don’t get kicked off Facebook for good.

This mug is perfect for the angry person who’s tired of dealing with bureaucratic bullshit. It’ll let you vent your frustration so that you can then drink from it and feel refreshed — well, assuming you’re not much contested by political art. Known for its unique design, this pottery piece will show the world how frustrated you are with government leaders and their lack of reasonable discourse.

Ready to stand your ground in the fight for individual freedom? It’s time to break free from the red tape of government intervention and rise up with a new mug that symbolizes our total liberation. We’re locking down this design as part of our newest range, which includes two other great options:

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